Support for families uprooted by mental illness.

Grow a Strong Family, Inc. is a charitable non-profit social service agency which provides customized family life education services to families uprooted by mental illnesses in loved ones.  Our primary focus is on education and prevention.  Through a comprehensive menu of services, we offer family members information, support, skills, and strategies designed to improve the safety and wellness of families uprooted by mental illnesses.

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Less is More! Spring Cleaning Idea

Imagine a life with less: Less stress, less debt, less clutter. If you have an extra car, truck or other vehicle that gives you less than you deserve—donate it to Grow a Strong Family! With free pick-up and an easy process, you’ll be able to turn one less car into a lot more space, sanity, … Continue reading Less is More! Spring Cleaning Idea

March Newsletter

We have created booklets now available on amazon!  Visit our author page on amazon to see the booklets available for purchase!  https://www.amazon.com/author/marabriere Don’t forget to leave comments!  We would love to hear your thoughts. We have also participated in a new Bedford TV Cable Show (can be found on YouTube) called, “Neighbors to Know.”  It is a … Continue reading March Newsletter

A Neighbor to Know

The founder of Grow a Strong Family was interviewed by Jenn Puhle on her program, “Neighbors to Know.” The interview is a discussion about what Grow a Strong Family is and why it is so important! Watch the show and let us know what you think! Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channels and our … Continue reading A Neighbor to Know

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