The Coaching Program offers caregivers,families, and professionals the opportunity to identify and strengthen specific skills with support. This may include:

– promoting more effective caregiving practices

– improving parenting

-communication skills within the family

-psycho-education around  medical diagnoses pertaining to mental illnesses/brain disorders, interpersonal issues, and grief.

It is expected to operate alone as a short term intervention or as an adjunct to collateral or ongoing therapy.

It is a relationship in which the coach mentors and guides, and you, the client, collaborates.  Coaching is a partnership between the coach and you.

Support is offered in a variety of ways:

-face-to-face via zoom

-phone meetings

-ongoing support services between scheduled sessions.

This table below explains the differences between Therapy and Coaching: we are a Coaching practice.

Williams Table 1 Therapy vs CoachingWilliams Table 1 Therapy vs Coaching.

About Coaching

The coaching program has expanded since the pandemic hit.  Families are in proximity for extended periods of time.  This seems to create a greater need for managing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and psychotic behavior.  My aim is to offer communication strategies, safety, education around symptom management, and coaching on self-care.  The isolation creates its own issues as internal dialogs receive more airtime than when in social environments.  I coach participants on changing the inner dialog, catching themselves and exchanging the language for positive terms.  For example, instead of, “I made another mistake! I can’t believe I did that!” I remind, “Another learning opportunity!  Refining my skills.”  The pandemic has created a zoom protocol that is especially beneficial to families in need.  Our coaching service expects between-session contact and encourages connection during times of crisis for guidance and additional support.  Our price menu includes options for single sessions and packages of 4 or 6 sessions within a 60-day period.

In divorce matters, the goal is to improve communication between parents, facilitate custody discussions, and address concerns that parents may have regarding their children.  The fees vary based on 1 session is $85, 4-session packages are 295, and 6-session packages are 450. and are paid in advance via the website.  Each session is attended either by phone or zoom and last about an hour.  Between-Session support is included in the service.  Scheduling sessions is accomplished by agreeing to a mutually beneficial time and except for evenings and weekends, are flexible in availability.  
This link is for our divorce info:  https://growastrongfamily.org/divorce/
This link is for payment: https://growastrongfamily.org/5690-2/