Interventions are short-term solutions to current situations. Before you can tackle the major tasks, you may need support NOW with a new set of tools by developing and implementing a time-limited plan. Referrals and collaboration with collaterals is an integral part of this component. Family Life Education is not therapy; it is designed to intervene with education, skills development, and future prevention.

Behavioral Health & Psycho-education includes education and support for families facing issues with atypically developing children.

Family Stabilization- When your family needs outside, short-term support to manage crises and other difficult situations, Grow a Strong Family provides support, solutions, and education through the Family Coaching Program.

Parallel Parenting & High Conflict Separation/Divorce Solutions

Understanding Addiction including:




-sex and love addictions

Skills shared include Solutions-focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The Couples Communication and CORE Communication programs are evidence-based and teach a practical set of talking and listening skills, plus other processes. You learn to:

-communicate more effectively

-make better decisions

-create faster, better resolutions to conflict

-increase satisfaction as you strengthen relationships.

You will acquire proficiency in five speaking and six listening skills that enable you to effectively communicate and problem-solve!