Parenting Education

Parenting Education incorporates current practices in delivering parenting skill development and support. Through the development and implementation of over thirty workshops, parents receive information presented in an engaging and non-threatening manner. Parenting education programs include:

Parent Tawk Parties

Parent Tawk Parties are informal get-togethers where you and your friends meet with a facilitator and discuss any aspect of parenting that you want to. Tawks offer parent support, connection, networking, and learning new skills while sharpeninig old ones. Invite friends, your home or mine. Up to two hours of adult peer contact!

Specialized Parent and Family Education Curricula

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent©

What is Love and Logic?
LOVE allows children to grow through their mistakes.
LOGIC allows them to learn from the consequences of their choices.

Why does it work?
Uses humor, hope, and empathy to build up the adult/child relationship.
Emphasizes respect and dignity for both children and adults.
Provides real limits in a loving way.
Teaches consequences and healthy decision-making.

The basic principles of Love and Logic are:
Build the Self Concept.
Share the control or decision-making.
Offer empathy, then consequences.
Share the thinking and problem-solving.

Families in Transition: Separation and Divorce

This 8 hour course is a road map through the tumultuous waters of family changes. Do’s and Don’t’s and the impact of these transitions on children are explored. Strategies for parenting and problem solving are offered.