Divorce and Family Changes

Successful Divorces CAN Occur When…

The primary focus of the parents is the children and their needs!


Transcript of Transitions and Divorce

Family Transitions Brochure

A comprehensive summary of the transitions that divorce brings.Family transitions brochure

Parallel Parenting

High Conflict Divorce suggests that the best parenting is accoomplished through Parallel Parenting.  This is parenting next to one another and not with one another.  High Conflict divorce

The 10 Commandments of Low-Contact

These are for those situations, since children are involved, when contact is necessary and unavoidable.  10 Commandments of Low-Contact in High Conflict Divorce

Divorce Hack

Documentation Workshop for High Conflict Divorce & Custody Battles

What you’ll learn:

How to assimilate your information in a way that demonstrates the abusive through destructive patterns of behaviour that allow judges to reach their conclusion with confidence.

Protecting yourself & your child(ren) from parental alienation.

Strategies to protect/shield yourself: Going “no contact”, grey rock method, B.I.F.F. response and more!

Various types of evidence & when to use them.

How to create a well-organized documentation system which allows you to properly convey your concerns to family court professionals.

Divorce Hack