Family Life Education is

What is family life education?

Although there are many definitions of what family life education is (Powell, 2006), the one that summarizes them best is the description by the National Council of Family Relations (2009) which clarifies the term in the following way: family life education focuses on healthy family functioning within a family systems perspective and provides a primarily preventive approach.

The skills and knowledge needed for healthy functioning are widely known and include strong communication skills, knowledge of typical human development, good decision-making skills, positive self-esteem, and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Walsh (2003, p.51) succinctly points out, “the focus is on how families can succeed – envisioning positive goals and options that fit each family’s values and situation (Italics mine), and are reachable through collaborative efforts.” “What matters most are effective family processes,” (Walsh, 2006, p. xi).

Cassidy (2009, cited in Bredehoft & Walcheski, 2009; p. 11) describes FLEs as professionals who provide skills and knowledge to enrich individual and family life.

The approach is a preventive one to promote family well-being.

The purpose and philosophy of family life education is to provide individuals and families with the knowledge and skills needed to lead satisfying and productive lives (Cassidy in Bredehoft & Walcheski, 2009).

In the work of Grow a Strong Family, the focus is on offering families the knowledge and skills they need to lead satisfying and productive lives.

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