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The Five Wishes  

CircleOfCareReport_0318_FINAL  FREE Tip Sheets!

Sooner than tomorrow  Join others who have been affected by loved ones with SMI. Excellent book by author Dede Ranahan, mother, activist, advocate. Current research, advocacy, non-biased reporting.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness

Positive Parenting Solutions

Fact Sheets

The Seven Challenges Communication Skills

Our Family Wizard – Tools For Divorced Parents

Center for Parents and Teachers

The Bipolar Manifesto

Personal & Family Well-Being

Understanding mental health issues in seniors

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance

Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance

Helping others with mental health issues

Excellent free workbooks FREE workbooks

Safety Plan EBook

National Institute of Mental Health

HealthyPlace Mental Health Support, Resources, & Info 

Hope & Harmony for People With Bipolar

LEAP Institute


When grief becomes a mental health issue

William James College Interface Referral Service (formerly Project Interface): Assists in finding appropriate mental health services for children, families and adults. statewide resource for referrals

Find providers anywhere in the USA: National resource for finding providers

Transportation resource: The Ride MBTA

What every family member needs: Honoring Choices

chronic health and school


Life’s Little Instruction Book