Bye 2020

The end of the year is upon us.  In spite of the vaccines and the hope they offer, the mantra remains the same: Wear masks.  Physically distance.  Wash hands.  

Here at Grow a Strong Family, we have so much to be grateful for.  First and foremost, the ongoing generosity of our supporters who ensure that we continue to develop and provide the best services we can.  With your aid, we have been able to offer the Replanting Support Groups weekly.  We have been able to develop a variety of tools and resources including educational and fun games, motivational cards, courses for parents and for professionals, and worksheets.  We have been able to survive the pandemic because of your participation in our programs and our fundraising efforts.

We have found the opportunities to collaborate with others.  Mara Briere co-authored, “Tomorrow Was Yesterday,”  with Dede Ranahan and 63 others, all mothers, sharing our stories of our adult children and the broken mental “health” system.  She also reviewed Julie A. Fast’s second edition of, “Getting it done when you’re depressed.’  Both can be purchased on amazon.  We have also partnered with the National Council on Family Relations by mentoring two family life educators seeking certification, authoring several articles including, “Mental Illness is a family affair.”  

We are collaborating with attorneys representing parents in high-conflict divorce cases.  These are almost always difficult due to the mental illness of one or both parties, or so the research suggests.  

We continue to collaborate with Bedford Council on Aging by running the weekly support group, Rebuilding Lives.  This group is for those who have lost a loved one(s) through death, illness, divorce, or other  and have had to rebuild their lives.

We are honored to be able to do this work.  

In perusing Etsy for unique gifts, we came upon this marvelous resource of motivational and affirmative resources.  The Daily Go-Getter, https://thedailygoalgetter.com/ is offering us a 20% discount: STRONGFAMILY .  Have fun and if nothing else, keep it in the day.

Replanting Lives will not be meeting again until Wed Jan 6.  Look for the reminder!

Stay healthy.  Stay safe.  Ask for help when you need it.  Delegate what you can.  And most of all, may the gratitude of the season find its way to your head and heart.

Whatever the month of December brings your way, remember that we are just a call/click away and ready to listen, support, suggest, and guide.  

Bubye 2020!