Talk about being triggered! Not only do our loved ones have predictable triggers, we do, too. For many, the holidays are a time of predictable, long-standing rituals. When loving someone with a chronic mental illness, unpredictability has become more of the norm and this applies to family celebrations, too. So? What to do?

Here are some tips recently shared at a “How to” seminar:

III. Tips
A. Stick to your “normal” routines as much as you can
B. Eat and drink in moderation
C. Plan on exercise; build in “nature” time.
D. Make sure you have a Plan B and a Plan C in place for the unexpected
E. Keep music that you love on hand and listen to it when needing to
F. Prioritize your time, activities, and commitments (do what you want to and can)
G. Take good, loving care of yourself!