Monthly Discussion Meetings

Serious Mental Illness Awareness Movies, Books, Music Monthly Discussions

Serious Mental Illnesses impact families, communities, and all of us.  

Every fourth Monday of the month at 7 pm, we will meet via zoom and discuss the movie, book, stand-up comedy or whatever the media is.  Join us as we connect and share our thoughts, impressions, and ideas.

March 2023

 This month, we will be discussing, “Look at you!” Comedy special featuring Taylor Tomlinson.  Break-ups. Therapy.  Bangs!  Taylor shares her mental health journey with insight and humor.  Beware!  She is irreverent and very witty.

Neal Brennan, “3 Mics.”  It is a comedy special in which Neal (Chappelle’s Show co-creator) approaches each mic and shares insights with humor.  It is witty, funny, and entertaining.  

Check out Tom Papa, 


These shows are on Netflix.  The best way to watch it is through signing up for Netflix then canceling it, if you do not already subscribe to Netflix.  You may end up paying for it for a month.  


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Helping each other is the only way to raise awareness of serious mental illness and the toll it takes on individuals, families, and the community.

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