Transitions in Life Cycles

This group was a network of men and women who were experiencing significant life changes brought about through bereavement, divorce, and other life-changing events.

Participants were offered support, networking, sponsoring, and friendship.

In this group, there was a powerful sense of connection, belonging, even humor through the tears.  Information and resources were also available, many of which are offered below.

Continuing Bonds

When loss occurs, we tend to think, “Ah, that relationship is over.”  However, we still feel connected.  Continuing Bonds

The 12 Steps Applied to Loss

Twelve Step programs are everywhere.  They offer a blueprint for navigating grief with grace. The 12 Steps Applied to Loss is our attempt to tap into these programs to manage our losses.


When we miss someone who has been a big part of our lives, we may feel disconnected.  Connections are how we remain in relationships.

Moving On

Am Ilosing my loved one because I am Moving On ?

Grief Playlist

Songs that stir our hearts.


What ARE the perks of Aging?

Friends Pass

As we age, our friends do not stay with us.  The older we get, the more likely our friends who pass.

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