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Grow a Strong Family supports those impacted by the serious mental illness/brain disorder of others. 

Grow a Strong Family is based on the strong belief that no one should live in isolation, especially caregivers and families impacted by others with mental illnesses/brain disorders.

This is a robust web-based service which offers the skills, tools, and resources needed to navigate a difficult landscape.  Strengthening families, caregivvers, and professionals through the comprehensive multimedia learning opportunities ensures healthier families where all members get their needs met.  Referrals and collaboration with other professionals are an integral component of family life education and Grow a Strong Family regularly engages with others. 


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Antix – Come Home

This song recommended by Nancy Pizzo Boucher captures the experience that loved ones share when impacted by a loved one's brain disorder/mental...

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Rejected by Adult Child?

Rejected by Adult Child?

When an adult child rejects a parent, the wound is so deep that it changes the parent in many ways.  I know that for me the sense of loss has...

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