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 where the skills, tools, resources, and community offer navigation through a difficult landscape when you are affected by someone with a serious brain disease/mental illness.   You’ve come to the right place where there are a multitude of opportunities to strengthen your resolve in being in a relationship and a family where all members get their needs met. 

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Family Strategies

Families are affected whenever a member is diagnosed with a chronic illness, especially brain illness.  In addition to the many changes in terms of relationships and managing unrealized expectations, there are alterations in the very rituals that families carry out, including holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc.  This module includes coping strategies, more effective communication, avoiding power struggles, and problem-solving.


In order to take good, loving care of others, we need to take good, loving care of ourselves.  This module offers ideas for putting that oxygen mask on ourselves first.

This module offers a visit to the 7 C’s, Boundaries, Forgiveness, Grief, Guilt, & Silent Agreements.


When someone we know has a brain disease, we recognize that there are barriers to maintaining safety, defusing crises, and promoting brain health practices.  This module covers these issues including Anosognosia, Crisis Management, Defensive not Offensive Behavior, Mental Health History Doc, Suicide as a Symptom.

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