Replanting Lives

This is a free group formed by friends, family members, and professionals who are impacted by someone with a serious mental illness/serious brain disease.  It is facilitated by a Certified Family Life Educator with lived experience as a family member and a “seasoned professional.”  It meets every Wed at 7pm.

  • The Replanting Lives Peer Support Program is a group for all who want better, more effective outcomes in their relationships with family members, professionals, and those who have serious brain diseases.
  • This group focuses on adjusting to a new family dynamic through skills, exercises, and discussions on various topics including “Symptom Management,” “Establishing Healthy Boundaries,” “Sense of Loss,” “Effective Communication,” and many other topics.
  • This group’s focus is on caregivers and family members, and their needs.
  • The group meets weekly for 60 minutes via zoom.
  • Meetings are structured on the successful 12 Steps of AA with an Opening, Topic, and the closing (Serenity Prayer).
  • The program is financed through donations and grants.
  • What is said in the group stays in the group.  Confidentiality is expected and respected.

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