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Support us so that we can support those who are affected by the mental health needs of a family member.

What We Offer

Mission Statement

Grow a Strong Family Inc. supports caregivers & family members uprooted by indiiduals with mental illnesses/brain disorders.


Grow a Strong Family Inc.’s purpose is to address, educate, coordinate, strategize, stabilize, and provide aid and information to support those caregivers and people affected by a family member’s mental illness/brain disorders.


– Family Life Education Coach Program including Caregivers, Parents, Families, Griefwork

– Parenting Education

-Professional Development



– Games

Current services include:

– Psycho education and health interventions for stabilization.

– Assisting families in transition including separation and divorce, remarriage and step-parenting.

– Communicating more effectively.

– Crisis intervention.

– Problem-solving.

– Referrals.

– Rebuilding Lives Support for those undergoing significant life transitions incuding grief, bereavement, divorce, relocation, retirement, etc.

– Replanting Lives Support for Those Uprooted by Someone’s Mental Illness/Brain Disorder