Donations Matter

Donations Matter because Grow a Strong Family has been supporting families, caregivers, and others impacted by the brain diseases of loved ones since 2014.  These illnesses typically occur in adults between the ages of 16-29 thus causing lifelong disruptions for all concerned.

Grow a Strong Family provides services for over 10K followers a year who are parents, grandparents, spouses, partners, siblings, caregivers and friends of those with serious brain diseases.

Grow a Strong Family is a robust 24/7 web-based resource for delivering comprehensive multimedia support.  Our programs feature tools, expertise, and strategies to improve family effectiveness when a member has a chronic brain disease.  In addition to basics such as communication, advocacy, safety, and managing lives day-to-day, there are virtual peer-based groups for parent survivors of child loss by suicide/brain disease, replanting lives, and rebuilding lives.  We also offer customized family life education, personalized coaching, and support groups.

Grow a Strong Family has been growing steadily since its inception in 2014 as measured by google analytics.  The many roles that supporters play without education or training would keep a full-time case manager, landlord, personal care assistant, accountant, and treatment professional busy and these folks have the training!  They get to go home at the end of the day.  Supporting is a 24/7 job that has no end date or time.

Our organization is funded through generous donations, grants, and client coaching fees.

We are dependent on the kindness of donors to sustain the website, develop responsive programs, and provide a resource that is freely available.  Grow a Strong Family offers more than support, we advance a network of peers to share their own experiences of managing a loved one with a chronic brain disease

Donations sustain our website, programs, and supporting the supporters.  This includes developing new programs, resources that are available on the website and through amazon and building a model of web-based service delivery that can be easily replicated.

Direct gifting as well as legacy gifts created by naming Grow a Strong Family in your Will, or a trust may be made to support our efforts. A direct gift may be made online by going to our website or sending a check  to 101 Great Rd. #179 Bedford MA 01730. Please let Mara Briere ( ) know if you have made or wish to make a legacy gift.

Donations Appreciated

Grow a Strong Family is a 501 (c)(3) organization and gifts made to it are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Its tax ID number is 46-5035890.

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