There are a variety of programs that offer solutions in addition to the wealth of material available throughout this website.

Grieving One Day at a Time

This weekly group meets via zoom on Mondays at 7pm for an hour of connecting with others who are experiencing grief and loss.  It often feels as though one is alone and isolated during these difficult times.  There are no accurate blueprints for how to grieve, how long to grieve, and how to manage the waves when they come.  Register and join this community.

Live! Parent Survive Child Loss by Suicide

is a parent group for parents who have lost a child to suicide.  Formed by parents, it is hosted by a trained facilitator to guide discussions in managing this type of loss and the grief it produces.  This group meets every Wed from 12-1pm via ZOOM

Replanting Our Lives

This group formed as a result of a guide, “Replanting Lives Uprooted by Mental Illness: A Practical Guide for Families,” by Nancy Pizzo Boucher (2016) which can be purchased on amazon.  Discussions include how to reclaim healthy family relationships through skills, exercises, and discussions on various topics including “Living the Serenity Prayer,” “Avoiding Power Struggles,” “Silent Agreements,” “Safety Plans,” “Boundaries,” “More Effective Communication,” etc. Meetings are TBD.  Please fill out this simple survey so that we can begin scheduling this group!

Our Mission & Philosophy

Support those who support those with brain diseases

Decrease the isolation that caregiving involves.

Educate, Guide, Mentor, Grow through the forks in the road.

Prevent and defuse crises.

I can’t believe how much I have grown.

I have been a client of GASF for over three years, and Mara’s coaching services have been invaluable to me. I began weekly meetings with her as my 36 year marriage was failing, and her guidance helped me understand the dynamics behind my failed marriage. This enabled me to make sense of the feelings and behaviors I was experiencing. Most importantly she helped me recognize and seek treatment for my chronic depression, which had resulted in significant neglect of my own personal health and happiness. Mara has proven herself as reliable and always available to provide support when I need it. She is also very resourceful and knowledgeable of other support services when a reference is needed. She has a deep understanding of psychology, and is very good at explaining the subtle influences affecting my social and family relationships. With her help I continue to accomplish improvements in my personal health and happiness, and my life in general. MDM

Our Services Reflect Our Commitment to Support the Supporters

Grow a Strong Family offers education, information and resources that promote understanding, more effective communication, and strengthens the family system.  This means understanding the trauma the Supporters have experienced and offering solutions for the obstacles they face.  Bouncing forward means offering families a blueprint or a pathway to grow from the trauma rather than get bogged down in it.  Posttraumatic growth is the promise of growing through all of life’s experiences especially those that beg us to answer, “WHY?”  Disasters of all kinds beg us to reflect.  We learn to live with trauma and loss.  Why tread when we can thrive because of our life experiences?  

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