Advocacy & Activism

Sept 9, 2021, Facebook Site
Working together to achieve a goal of bringing together all the different Serious Mental / Brain Illness advocates into one voice that will push for reform in legislation and policies for SMI/SBD and a new perspective from our communities.
Social media and beyond have many SMI/SBD groups that each fill a “niche” or have focused goals. All of us do an excellent job in our niches, but we also see the bigger picture… Change does not come quietly.
Beyond our individual or professional specialties, we need to work together to achieve our common goals.
If you’re not sure how to become an activist or if you simply don’t have the time to get involved… or if you are a layperson who cares, share these posts on your timelines, with your friends, and with your elected officials. Use this page as a resource, share information, PSAs, and posts. Make a call… send a letter…send an email…sign a petition… or share a post or tweet.
By involving our local community in our own brother’s struggle, we have found there are many compassionate people who do care, but don’t know what they can do to help.
In order to be heard, we have to all speak out at once. To truly make a difference for our loved ones who suffer from Mental Illness or Serious Brain Disorders and need medical care, access to treatment & housing, something needs to change. We all need to raise our voices. There is still a need for a stronger collective voice.
The movement for mental healthcare reform needs to move beyond advocacy and toward activism.

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